Crafting With Kids

As part of my grand reorganisation of my studio space, I have given a small space to my kids.   On the surface this seemed a bit foolish, after all my space is not large to begin with, and having kids underfoot while I am working is  something I am trying to avoid.

But I am finding it is working out great.  Having their own space within mine means that when they come into the room, instead of running around grabbing at things, and poking at the touch screen on the sewing machine, they go straight to ‘their’ space, sit down and start to draw.  (I do have a strict policy about no food, or wet crafts like painting.)   Instead of being underfoot while I try to work, they are able to be close to me,  but happily involved in their own ‘work’.

This was the hoped for outcome, but I am noticing an additional benefit.  I am inspired by the lack of inhibitions they show.   It is so easy for me to get hung up on the end product, is it going to turn out how I imagine, will it be good enough, am I wasting my time?  Watching them confidently put pencil to paper, without worrying about the finished product is a daily lesson to me.  I have a few of the drawings up on my board as a reminder to just jump in and go for it, like they do. 


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  1. Wonderful Post Organic Quilter!- And I hear you on the ‘getting hung up on the end product’. Just yesterday I was sharing with my ceramic’s mentor how I have become so happy that I am free to express my creativity with the clay. And more importantly enjoying the fact that I am clearly sensing of myself I have no worries nor cares per se on how these pieces in ceramic come out – it’s more of simply allowing myself to play. And it was that fact that I was really digging and enjoying.

    And the result of all this play (and playing with clay)? I have been so productive I have so surprised myself, the time simply flies by like there’s no tomorrow. In just the last two days, I created 11 pieces- 5 platters, 4 or so bowls and two interesting oh I guess soap dishes is what I could call them – or spoon rests. lol – Point being, when you relax about the outcome, you are far more productive with your creativity which can only surge on your talent to be further developed!

    Brava OrganicQuilter, Brava I say!

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