Letting Go of Failures

I have reached the point in my organization where I am sorting through the old UFO box.  These are not the items I have been working on recently, that I mentioned before, these are old.  They have been shoved away, right at the back, sometimes from years ago.

I stopped working on these pieces for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I didn’t like how it was turning out.  The are basically fails.  So loath to waste them I hid them away, to deal with on another day.

Over the weekend I went through them.  I found a couple of things I still like, and will finish.  The rest is going to be given away, scraped for usable fabric or thrown away.  I thought this would be depressing.  Instead I feel freed. 

I never realised how knowing I had all my past failures sitting under my desk was affecting me, until they were gone.  What a wonderful feeling not having them sitting there scowling at me.  I am realising that part of experimenting artistically is accepting that not every idea is a good one,  I cannot always succeed.  Sometimes I will fail.  And when I do, I need to move on, by moving that failure right out of my studio.

Getting rid of the old is making room for the new.


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