February Goals

Already a 12th of the way through the year!  January has been a good month for me to evaluate where my business is going, and to make plans.  This month I am focused on getting all the old business from last year wrapped up so I can move on my goals for this year.  specifically

Continue with my stash reduction project from January.  Things are going well!

Get all my tax paperwork in order  and to the accountant, and get all my old paperwork filed.

Now that I am beginning to make inroads on my stash I see a clear need to overhaul the way I have been storing my supplies.   I will be working with a friend who is a Professional Organiser to figure out how I function in my workspace, and store things accordingly. ( I will be blogging about that for sure!)

Get my new designs finalised and available to purchase.

 I have one other goal that I have been procrastinating on for a while.  I want to find one or two local stores to wholesale to.  I plan on going to visit some of the higher end beach communities and browse though some stores to find some that seem like a good fit, and then approach them  about wholesale for the summer.



  1. WooHoo, advice from a professional organizer – that’s fun! I know that I function much better in a workspace that is organized, and I’ve worked hard at making my space very functional…which for me was identifying what I use the most and putting that in the most accessible spot, and working out from that. Sigh…it’s always a work in progress, because we’re always changing what we do! But I will say that my space now, after working in it for 6 years, is pretty darn functional!

    Good luck approaching those stores – probably the hardest thing to do ( in my mind anyway) is approaching people…what if they reject us??? Well – obviously, becasue they have bad taste! 😉

  2. sarah s. said

    have and awesome month…advice from a professional organizer is a great way to start…I maneuver my way around that every month..and best of luck with the stores…remember they are on a purchasing schedule for their items so make sure you find out what that is when you are investigating…
    have a great month…

    • I think alot of artists are quite resistant to the idea of professional organisation help because they don’t really understand what it involves, so I will be laying out what happens here for everyone.

  3. Deborah said

    I have bartered art with a professional organizer. It’s been a wonderful relationship. Good for you. Destashing is always fun. I am smiling as I right this. I had a destash party last year. My quilting friends are still talking about it. Good luck with all of your goals. Have a FABULOUS February.

  4. Lindsey said

    good luck approaching stores and with the rest of your February goals 🙂

  5. lizkalloch said

    I want to hear about the professional organiser! I would love to have someone like that come in and overhaul my whole house, never mind my studio(s). Isn’t it wonderful to tackle a huge task, and then find that you’ve learned something important that will help you and your business. Have a great February, and tales of the organiser, we want to hear them! And wishes for great good luck with the stores and buyers!

  6. How lucky are you, to be working with a professional organizer??? I would love that! Good luck with that process, and thanks ahead of time for sharing how it works. I can’t wait to read those posts. Good luck with all your February goals, especially the wholesale accounts. Good for you for taking that on!

  7. Laura said

    I think a fresh set of eyes and mind is sometimes the best motivator. I am sure that you will see a heightened sense of creativity from all of the possibilities you forgot you had or couldn’t see 🙂

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