Quilting it Myself

I have been considering how to streamline my process, to make my business more profitable.  It has been suggested to me several times that I outsource my quilting to a long arm quilter, and just make the quilt tops myself.  Many quilters do this.  (although are you really a quilter if you do not quilt?)

A truly wonderful quilter Robbi Joy Eklow says  “For some people quilting is a means to hold the quilt together.  For me the opposite is true; The quilt is there to keep the quilting thread from flying off into space.”

I am not quite at that point, however  to me the actual quilting, whether it is of one of my whole cloth applique quilts, or a patchwork top, is at least half of the artistic expression.  This might seem odd to someone who is primarily interested in patchwork and creating quilt tops, but for me quilting is not an afterthought to just hold a quilt together, it is a fully realised part of the design process.  And it is something I simply cannot hand off to another person.



  1. Deidra said

    I totally agree with your sentiments. I dislike cutting out the quilt, tolerate the piecing process, but I breathe a sigh of relaxation when the quilting phase comes. I love adding the “icing” to the “cake” I just made. Keep on quilting–literally!

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