Stash Reduction!

Well this year I am going on a fabric diet.  My studio is a pretty small space, 6′ x 15′ and it is bursting at the seams. 

As you can see the mess isn’t terrible, and the stash is not huge, but I am exceeding my storage space, and I need room to work.  Plus it seems extremely wasteful to go on buying new fabric when I have so much already on hand.  I would love to dive into some of the new organic prints that are starting to become available, so the stash needs to go.   Heres my plan.

Each week I am making a quilt from stash only fabrics.  Depending on my schedule it can be a UFO or a new item.  Some weeks it will be something small, other weeks a bed size.

At least once a month the item will be a new design, and as I  make it I will write a pattern, some patterns I will include here as free tutorials, others will be listed for sale in my artfire studio .  Most of the quilts I make will be listed there too. 

Some friends from my quilting guild are joining me, and are planning on making one stash quilt per month.  I will be posting pictures of their work here too. 

Would you like to join us in stash reduction?  All crafts are welcome.  In fact I was inspired on this course by reading the minimalist knitter blog.  You can participate at what ever level you choose, as long as you are using stash only materials.



  1. Mortira said

    Using up old materials is so rewarding. You get new designs and more space at the same time. Setting a goal like you have really helps – good luck with your challenge!

  2. yolanda said

    I am totally in! Thanks Chantelle for the inspiration and inviting us to be a part of this. I look forward to trying out your patterns 🙂

  3. sarah s. said

    wow that is an amazing goal. I will be interested in checking in on your progress..Have a great January and welcome to the meetup….

  4. This is an awesome challenge…I love the creativity that can be brought from limitations! As a dyer, I found myself overwhelmed with the possibility of being to dye any color I wanted. It was only when I limited color choices that I began to hit my stride!

  5. Candy,
    I also find that setting rules expands rather than limits me creatively.
    I am right now trying to decide if I am including dyeing as part of my stash. I have on hand a bolt of white organic cotton, and a good range of procion dyes. So would fabrics I dye from this point forward be adding to my stash or using it up?
    I think I will be dyeing for at least one quilt as I want to push myself and see if I can eye match the colours from a print I have and love.

  6. Liz said

    welcome to the meet up chantelle! will look forward to seeing the result of your de-stash, have a great January, and yes, it’s Liz!

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